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Life is Beautiful in Vegas for the 3rd Year in a Row

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015

Next month, for 3 straight days, life will be very beautiful in downtown Vegas. The Life is Beautiful music and art festival is back, and it’s scheduled to make a lasting impression.

Life is Beautiful is brought to Vegas by Insomniac Events, the same guys responsible for EDC and other EDM events all over the world. Starting on September 25th and ending on the 27th, the festival will bring you an array of music, art, food, and a bit of inspiration.

2015 Life is Beautiful Musical Line-up

The list is really too long to list, but you can see the entire line-up here. Just know that music greats like Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Weezer will all be performing amidst dozens of other acts. Every second of the 3 day event will be featuring the familiar beat of an artist or band you have grown to love.

2015 Life is Beautiful Art Exhibitions

This is a festival for all the senses, with a heavy emphasis put on up and coming and established artists. Be prepared to be taken away by an array of street and contemporary artworks. The streets of downtown Vegas will be lined with original artwork by up and coming and established artists, all with the goal of making your life seem a little more beautiful.


2015 Life is Beautiful Culinary Line-up

Vegas is full of celebrity chefs, and a few them will be dropping by the festival to delight your palate. Keep your eyes and your mouth open for food artists like Hubert Keller and Adam Sobel. The 5 star restaurants of Vegas also planning on taking over the traditional hot dog vendor booths. The new Siegel 1941 will be serving up Italian fare, while down a ways Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken will be using their Presto deep fryers on everything in sight. This is likely going to be one of your only chances to get a taste of some deep fried gourmet, straight from the deep fryer, so make sure that you bring your appetite to the festival.

2015 Inspirational Line-up

Another unique facet to the Life is Beautiful festival is the Learning Series they put on over the 3 days. Speakers like Bill Nye and others will take the stage and inspire you to become a better person for a better future. This aspect of the festival sets it apart from any other, and balances out the music, art and food portions perfectly.

September is a good time to try your luck in Vegas, and get a glimpse of the beautiful life. The event is only weeks away, so if you have plans on being there you better get your tickets soon.

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European Countries With The Best Summer Festivals

Posted by on Aug 2, 2015


If you are a lover of music and concerts, perhaps you should try visiting some of these famous European summer festivals.  Summer makes everything even more amazing.  In the summer everyone is relaxed.  There is no tension, and people are ready to enjoy themselves and the music.  If you happen to find yourselves in one of these countries during these festivals, make sure you don’t miss out on them, as you will most certainly regret it later on.



The Roskilde festival takes place in Roskilde, Denmark at the end of June and beginning of July.  This festival was created by two high school students, and in time it has evolved into a mainstream music festival, even though when it began it was merely a hippie gathering.  Today,this festival attracts more than 3000 artists from around the globe, and allows you to follow their performances.  The artists who perform in the Roskilde festival vary from international stars to lesser-known performers, and this festival gives you a perfect opportunity to experience contemporary art in the most direct possible way.  You may also see unusual people who are running naked around the campsite. This traditional runis organized on the Saturday by the Festival’s radio host, so don’t freak out – for you have been warned!



Montreux Jazz Festival is for all of those who love the sounds of jazz and who want to enjoy their summer indulging in the jazzy tones, next to water. This festival is set on the shore of Lake Geneva, which allows you to see the natural beauties Switzerland has to offer. This festival has been around from 1967, and it has no intention of slowing down. It started as a jazz-only festival, but since then it has evolved into a festival which attracts both jazz and blues artists, but also rock stars and pop icons. Some of the most famous musicians who have performed on the Montreux Jazz Festival include: B.B. King, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, but also the Pink Floyd and Prince. The cool part is that you can also see shows from boats!



During the summer you must not miss out on visiting Serbia. More precisely all the festival goers and music lovers will already be familiar with the festival I am about to write about which is located in the lovely city of Novi Sad: the Exit Festival. 3870982830_1b593f60b7

Exit has a tradition which goes on since the year 2000, and this year it will celebrate its 15th birthday. This festival has been rather consistent in terms of its stages, which are thematically divided into music genres, but what distinguishes Exit from other music festivals in the world is the very unique location. The festival takes place on a fortress which is not only beautiful per se, but it is located overlooking the amazing river the Danube. Also, exit has all the properties of a good music festival, offering the best music, a decent camp site and in the recent few years it also offers a sea adventure. In other words, when the festival ends in Novi Sad it merely sets off to the sea in Montenegro, but it doesn’t finish for the next couple of days. So, you have basically one long festival, which can lead you through two countries, through history of a fortress, to the seaside – isn’t that neat?


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